Your Views

Would you like to add or share your views as to what could be done to the waste land in front of the indoor bowls centre between the bowling greens?

The land is shown on Cliftonville Bowls Club lease of whom wish it didn’t, sorry long story as to why.

The bowls club would love to hand this back to the council or if you the local community would like to take an interest in this area. We are therefore writing to local residents {YOU} and three community groups and our local councillors.

A Community garden is our preferred choice, just look at what was achieved down at Dalby Square by residents and ABC community group. There is water already at this site which is a problem in other areas. There is a lot of flats in surrounding roads in this area without use of a garden. But could we also add a small play area or reading book store?

The problem with this is that th three community groups we have in this area are already carrying out large projects and without support will find it hard to manage a new task.

Therefore would you be willing to help or set up our own new group to changing this land around for us residents to have somewhere to go and sit outside?

 We would love to hold a meeting but due to present situation we will be using Cliftonville Bowl’s club web for views & suggestions so we can approach our councillors for their support.

Other suggestions have already been made like:

  • A sports pitch of football/basketball. Our young teenagers could do with something like this, but we feel the residents in Eastern Esplanade, Third & Fifth Avenue who over look this area could have issues with noise exc.
  • Allow it to become available for dog owners so they can let their pet of the lead as gated. In principle a good idea, but as we know there are a few pet owners who would not clean up afterwards.
  • Allotment. Another great idea, but would we like to see sheds all over the place.
  • Playground?

Please reply by end June with your views to helping to improve this area so we can start putting things in place for next year.

We would prefer email so we can set up a support group email in the short term, but for those without internet we ask you to post your views with your address in our letter box in Third Avenue and we will keep you posted.